“We have been working with Mrs. Allen for many years, which is proof of our great satisfaction with her work, her availability and professionalism. Despite our specific field of work, which involves very specific terminology, her work is always accurate.”   Jeannette Woellenstein, Deputy Director, International Social Service/International Reference Centre (ISS/IRC), Geneva

“Your translation was impeccable!”  Claire Harmer, Harmer Translations

“Fantastic translation - there was minimal editing and it read like a dream! If only all translations could be like that!”       Fran Lambert, specialist translation agency, London

“I found the translation service provided by Belinda Allen efficient and cost effective. All translations were returned promptly, but without compromising on accuracy. A highly recommendable service for anyone requiring a high quality translation, within a reasonable time frame.”     Zoe Rance, Martin Murray & Associates Solicitors

“Thanks for your prompt translation. I 'luve' your style! Your translation is idiomatic and flows naturally.”  Ania El Maachir, LUVE Films, Montreal

« Nous sommes très heureux de collaborer avec Belinda Allen, et ce à plusieurs titres : nous avons toujours obtenu de sa part une réponse quasi instantanée à nos demandes, un délais rapide et ajusté en fonction de nos besoins, et - ce qui est très important pour nous - Belinda s’intéresse aux contenus de ce que nous lui demandons de traduire, de façon à proposer une traduction juste et adaptée à notre domaine d’activité.  Petit à petit, même si des centaines de kilomètres nous séparent, Belinda est devenue une collaboratrice précieuse et incontournable pour nos projets de développement, et nous souhaitons que cela dure longtemps ! »  Marie Anne Dauvillier, Secrétaire Générale, Graines de Paix, Geneva

[TRANSLATION: “We are very happy to work with Belinda Allen, for several reasons. She has always responded to our requests almost instantly, completed work with a quick turnaround and tailored to our needs, and (very importantly for us) shown an interest in the content we ask her to translate, enabling her to produce a translation that is both accurate and suited to our area of work. Although we work hundreds of kilometres apart, Belinda has come to be a valued and indispensable contributor to our development projects and we hope this will be a long lasting partnership.” ]  

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