Example projects

Texts I have translated or edited include the following:


  • Project proposal for climate change adaptation plan in Benin
  • Regional strategy for energy retrofit of buildings 
  • Country programme for Green Climate Fund
  • Project proposal for solar panel installation in Morocco
  • Study into sustainable agricultural practices in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Regular bulletins on agricultural conditions and global food security for international agencies
  • Comparison of carbon sequestration by forestry management approach
  • REDD+ National Strategy and forest governance study
  • Analysis of conservation projects in marine protected areas

International development

  • National funding proposals for disease control programmes
  • Analysis of health systems in developing and emerging countries
  • COVID-19 mitigation plans and guidelines for health and social care programmes
  • Study into logistics for immunisation programme in West and Central Africa
  • Report on water and sanitation in schools in Burkina Faso
  • Report on outcomes of infrastructure projects in Mali
  • Guidelines for international reporting on gender-based violence
  • Update on security situation in DRC
  • Country statements to the UN General Assembly


Social policy

  • Reports and recommendations on adoption policy worldwide
  • Annual Activity Report for children’s rights organisation
  • Country proposals for child development projects in Chad and Algeria
  • Study into strategies to reach out-of-school children
  • Regular newsletters for an alternative dispute resolution organisation
  • Two country proposals to combat radicalisation in Mali


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