translation and editing

for sustainability,

international development,

    health and social policy

As a qualified and experienced French to English translator, proofreader and copy editor, I craft text that clearly and accurately conveys the intended meaning and also flows naturally in English.

Specialising in communication for the sustainability and international development sectors since 2014, I have helped NGOs, international institutions and research organisations to communicate clearly and effectively with their target audiences. Through this work, along with plenty of background research and training, I have built up good knowledge and experience of these subject areas.

Before becoming a translator, I worked in the non-profit sector for 15 years, so I am familiar with the terminology and style required for documents such as annual reports, evaluation studies, funding proposals and strategic reviews.

Please see below for more information about my services and specialisms.



I translate from French to English (As a professional translator, I work only into my first language to ensure the resulting text sounds fluent and natural.)


I also revise existing translations, making sure they read well and accurately reflect the original text.



I will check your text for any spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors and ensure formatting is consistent and in line with your house style.

Copy editing


In addition to proofreading, I will check your text for incorrect use of words, factual errors, omissions or inconsistencies.


If some sentences are awkward or unclear, I will suggest how they could be improved to make the text flow better and be easier to understand.

Specialist fields

I am experienced at translating and editing in the following fields.


  • climate change
  • decarbonisation
  • circular economy
  • sustainable food systems
  • forestry and land use
  • biodiversity


International development

  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • health systems and disease control
  • water, sanitation and hygiene 
  • infrastructure
  • humanitarian response
  • gender perspective


Social policy

  • child welfare and development
  • education
  • conflict resolution
  • community resilience

Belinda Allen  DipTrans  MITI

French to English translation • copy editing • proofreading


07891 886642